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I've uploaded a selection of past playlists from John Peel and Andy Kershaw and hope to make available some past session listings as soon as I get organised.

Andy Kershaw

The new Andy Kershaw Show starts on April 20th 2001 on BBC Radio 3
The end of Kershaw's Radio 1 show in May 2000
Message board for Kershaw's new Radio 3 show

John Peel

Peel playlists for 1996 now available
Peel playlists for 1995 now available
Peel playlists for 1994 now available
Peel playlists finally updated after a 16-week gap
Shock news: Peel voted among "100 most loved men" by Cosmopolitan magazine
New official Peel web page at BBC
Take part in the Festive Fifty 2001
Subscribe to Un-Peeled fanzine

Paul Sherratt

Paul Sherratt's new weekly radio programme starts Wed 29th August 2001 at 7pm BST

John Peel/Andy Kershaw playlists

And congratulations to Peelie on his OBE!
And further congratulations to Peelie on his Honorary Doctorate!
Notes on the playlists
Links to other interesting sites

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