Kershaw Show axed!


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Andy Kershaw broadcast his last programme for BBC Radio One on Thursday 25th May 2000. Here's how the news was broken by:

Here's how Andy announced the news himself , along with a few comments from him and the way the final programme ended. The programme was excellent, as usual, and Warren Zevon added to the sense of occasion by playing some of Andy's favourite songs and personalising one or two of them. Andy seemed to be on a high and really enjoying himself, and I'm glad that the last programme was a celebration rather than a funeral.

This is the latest in a long saga of shabby treatment of Kershaw and his listeners by the Radio One controller Andy Parfitt.

By now the papers have had time to respond. Here's a collection of opinions from:

So what can you do about it ?

We're not alone, as this discussion group elsewhere shows.