Festive Fifty 2001

It's time for the Festive Fifty 2001, and I hope everyone visiting this web site will take part in the voting. If you have trouble remembering what's been played this year you can consult this year's playlists for inspiration. (Unfortunately the playlists stop in July this year because the BBC is no longer posting them on Ceefax Page 657 - if you miss this service please email John Peel and ask for them to be reinstated.)

To enter, send in your three favourite tracks of the year, numbered 1,2,3 in order of preference. They can be singles, LP tracks, session tracks or live broadcasts, and they don't have to come from Peel's show, just as long as they come from 2001. Send them:

In all cases don't forget to include your name and address (there are rumoured to be prizes occasionally for a randomly-selected entry). The closing date is the end of the first week in December. The votes will be compiled into a chart to be broadcast over the Christmas/New Year period.