Notes on the playlists

The BBC publishes playlists for the Andy Kershaw and John Peel radio programmes on the BBC Teletext service "CEEFAX" on BBC1 television (Page 657). I used to capture these playlists every week (using a Teletext adapter on an Acorn A5000) as plain text files and use them to help me identify the records (especially useful because the stuff Peel plays is so obscure and the stuff Kershaw plays sometimes defies spelling). Earlier this year, however, I suffered an accident to my hard disc and unfortunately deleted several years of archives. Since then I've taken more care about backups but I've also decided (after searching in vain on the Internet for replacements) to put them on my Web site from now on, partly as a backup, partly to let others have access to them and partly in the hope that somebody may be able to fill in some of the gaps.

For reasons too complicated to explain I have now lost access to the Teletext adapter, although a friend still captures the data for me on his adapter, and passes them on to me on an irregular basis. These days, therefore, the playlists are drawn from a combination of the BBC's own web site, the Teletext listings passed on to me on a (roughly) weekly basis, and simply listening to the programmes and noting the details there.

The Teletext pages are usually updated the day after the radio broadcast and I transfer them to my web site once a week. The BBC's web site playlists are usually updated the day after the radio programme (although Thursday's programme is rarely listed until the following week) and normally remain there for 2 weeks. If I spot any errors I usually correct them within a day or two, so if you find that any details of a record you heard on the programme are missing or incorrect it's usually worth checking the web site again after a few days.

The Teletext data is not guaranteed correct and has been subject to the usual crop of spelling mistakes by those who typeset it, not to mention the odd transmission error when I receive it on my Teletext adapter. I've tried to leave the data unchanged where possible but I have made a few changes:

I'm not too clear on the copyright status of these lists. They were originally published on Teletext or on their web site by the BBC but seem to have been discarded after use. I like to think that all I'm doing is preserving material that would otherwise have been destroyed.